Episode 29: Moving an Expert Leader to Strategic Facilitator

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Many leaders were brought up to believe they had to have all the answers and rescue their employees when they were stuck. We often call this “heroic” leadership and it sets up the leader as the rescuer. This scenario can create resentment for both the leader and the followers. It can also lead to burn-out for leaders and disengagement for followers. Please join Jeff Smith and Petra Platzer as we the journey from expert leader to strategic facilitator. We will outline the new mindset for leadership in today’s organizations, highlight case studies from our clients and close with tools and tips for implementation.


Petra Platzer, PhD, President of Integrative Partners, LLC is an executive coach, leader, teacher, and facilitator with over 15 years experience driving positive outcomes in cancer bioinformatics, genomics research, leadership development and organizational culture change. Previously, Petra led the Serving Leader Development at Cleveland Clinic by leveraging her expertise in shared leadership and team dynamics to serve as a trusted and effective partner with her stakeholders. Dr. Platzer is passionate about transforming leaders and their teams and focuses on healthcare organizations who are undergoing complex change and transformation. She serves as Co-Director of Georgetown University’s Health and Wellness Coaching Program and is faculty in Virginia’s SYNC – Transforming Healthcare Leadership program. Petra holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics, is an ICF-credentialed coach, a co-inventor on a patent, and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.