Episode 35: Time, Energy, People and Communication

kari Lightner Headshot.jpg

What separates our best days at work from the most challenging ones? What do they have in common? What might we have done differently? How can we improve next time? How do we make every day at work the best it can possibly be for everybody, including the end users of our work product? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you won’t want to miss our next VoltCast: Illuminating Leadership, Time, Energy, People & Communication. We will explore practical tips, tools and lesson learned with Ms Kari Lightner, Director – Regional Health Clinics at Bath Community Hospital, Hot Springs, Virginia.


Kari Lightner is the Rural Health Clinic Business Director at Bath Community Hospital, a not-for-profit, critical access hospital committed to providing high-quality, mission driven health care. Kari is responsible for daily operations, management, and oversight of the hospital’s ambulatory clinics. She believes leading a multidisciplinary team that ensures the seamless delivery of care for all patients defines success. 
Kari holds a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Economics for Mary Baldwin University. She is currently working on her Master of Arts in Executive Leadership at Liberty University. 
If you have an questions, you can reach Kari at 540-839-7106 (O) or email her at kari.lightner@bcchospital.org