Episode 42: Diversity and Inclusion

Gloria Witt Headshot.jpg

Diversity and Inclusion, what does that mean? How is it defined – is it Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religious affiliation, Generation, Disability, Personality type, Thinking style? What does it mean for leaders? How is diversity turned into organizational strength? What are the economic and demographic implications? How is embracing diversity and inclusion a powerful catalyst for success? If you have ever asked these questions, you won’t want to miss our next Voltcast – Illuminating Leadership, as hosted by Voltage Principal Consultant Lee Hubert. Our guest will be Gloria Witt, Founder and CEO of Define Success Coaching and Facilitation Services, LLC

Gloria Witt is the Founder and CEO of Define Success Coaching and Facilitation Services, LLC. She is committed to developing executives and managers that are known for their ability to produce measureable results. Gloria launched Define Success Coaching and Facilitation Services following a 32-year career within the energy industry where she specialized in talent management, leadership development, and performance management. Gloria is an experienced certified executive coach, expert facilitator, and trainer. She improves the lives of executives and managers by helping them hone their leadership practices, skills, and communication. As a trainer and facilitator, she partners with executives and thought leaders to design custom solutions to boost performance. She has a degree in Communications with minors in Sociology and Economics from Randolph Macon Woman’s College and a Masters of Business Administration from Capella University. Reach her at gloria.witt@define-success.com