Episode 49: What Makes a Great Team

Van Garnett headshot.png

What makes a great team? What are the factors that play into the recipe for a successful team? Why do some Teams gel and seem to have fun with the work they are tasked with while other do not? If you have contemplated these questions or have current challenges with building a successful Team, then you wont want to miss our next Voltcast. Please join us as Voltage Principal Consultant Lee Hubert and Special Guest Van Garnett, Training Program Specialist from Community Housing Partners (CHP) discuss practical tips and tools for building great Teams.

Van is a graphic designer, web developer, and 3d modeler and animator, currently employed at Community Housing Partners in Christiansburg, Virginia. Among other projects, Van designs and develops CHP Energy Solutions’ online courses as well as visual resources for web and print design. He is an experienced graphic designer, senior web designer, and a creative director for companies and corporations in Washington, D.C. as well as Charlotte, North Carolina. Van earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Arts degree from Syracuse University.