Amp Up Your Influence

Amp Up Your Influence features tailor-made content to equip participants at every level of leadership to not only deliver their message effectively, but also skillfully navigate a broad range of relationships.

This 5-month course focuses on discovering your authentic leadership voice, and teaches the practice of attuned influence with others. We focus on developing self-awareness and learning how and when to use the specific skills needed to engage, motivate, and influence for the highest impact.

How The Course is Delivered:

  • 3 Professional Leadership Assessments
  • A Total of 5 Interactive Group Sessions, With One Session Held Each Month at the Voltage Leadership Training Center (Totaling 20 Hours of Training)
  • 2 One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Access to Additional 15-Minute Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive Reinforcement of Course Content
  • 1 Recorded Personal Interview

Course Description:

The following tools, practices and modules are included in your Amp Up Your Influence course:

  • Defining Your Executive Presence
  • Developing Your Leadership Presence
  • The Power of Your Authentic Voice
  • Your Reputation: An Asset to Build Powerful Presentations
  • How to Design Your Message
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Learn Your Audience: Who’s Your Who?
  • Attuned Influence
  • Using the Wheel of Trust
  • Becoming a Credible Connector
  • Picking a Pace
  • The Power of Compartments
  • Dress for the Part
  • "When to Say When: Knowing Your Limits Rules for Communicating Via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Phone and In-Person"
  • Leadership Manners - Do’s and Don’ts of Speaking to a Group

In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with our tools, practices, content, and one-on-one services, or you receive your money back.*

Want to have a greater impact in business? Be intentional about developing your Executive Presence and Leadership Presence. Your presence as a leader impacts your capacity to influence others.

The challenge is this: the list of skills required of great leaders has dramatically increased over time. In years past, a leader communicated their biggest messages infrequently. Today, leaders are expected to deliver their messages on multiple mediums, to a variety of audiences, in different ways.

Throughout this course, we provide direct feedback in order to fully develop the self-awareness required to refine and hone your capacity to influence for the highest impact.

* Must be requested within 30 days of completion of course.