Aha to All In:

Life Lessons from an Unexpected Entrepreneur

We love collaborating with our clients and we have taken this concept to a new level. Jeff Smith partnered with Jonathan Hagmaier and Dr. William R. Long to write the amazing story of the creation, growth and selling of Interactive Achievement. Jeff started as an Executive Coach to Jon in 2012 and worked with many of the key leaders until 2016. We wrote the book to share our Aha’s and teach how we went All In to grow the organization.

Aha to All-In: Life Lessons from an Unexpected Entrepreneur tells the story of creating the company while also sharing the key challenges in Interactive Achievement’s history. The book will help leaders and entrepreneurs identify challenges they are facing and offers stories, tips and lessons to help them become better leaders.

Please click on the link below for more information. We look forward to hearing you think about the book. 


Behind The Manager’s Closed Door

Behind the Manager’s Closed Door-Lessons in Managerial Leadership is a primer on how to grow people in order to help make them successful. It asks:

1.What’s happening out there that you should be aware of?
2.What really matters for your Team to succeed and why?
3.What to address privately as manager behind the closed door?

It equips leaders with practical tools on how to help people unlock their natural talents and abilities including how to: 

Apply the success equation
Build the trust bridge
Erase drama
Push people appropriately
Coach people up
Grow people
Resolve conflict

Behind the Manager’s Closed Door-Lessons in Managerial Leadership is available as a live training, workshop, or webinar for those that want to take their leadership to the next level. For more information or scheduling details please contact me at 336 480-5983, via email at lee@mgrsuccess.com or visit www.mgrsuccess.com.