Thanks For The Feedback With Douglas Stone

In this two part series, Jeff Smith and best-selling author Douglas Stone discuss how leaders can effectively give and receive feedback that leads to positive results. In today’s fast paced info economy, the annual review simply is not frequent enough for keeping up to date on your performance and direction. Jeff and Douglas share practical tips and strategies for seeking out feedback and offering feedback to other leaders in your organization.

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Leadership Conversations With Alan Berson

In this two part series, Jeff Smith explores leadership conversations with best-selling author Alan Berson. Jeff and Alan discuss how to establish a baseline of expectations, as well as a culture of expectations. Then the host, Kevin Scott, asks Jeff for guidance on specific issues he’s facing as a leader with his own team. Listen in as Jeff shares some great coaching advice on how Kevin can excel as a leader by having his own leadership conversations.

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Culture: More Than Jeans & Margarita Machines with Marisa Keegan

Jeff Smith covers the recently published work of corporate culture maven Marisa Keegan in her new book, "Culture: More Than Jeans and Margarita Machines." Marisa and Jeff discuss how company culture is more than the popular idea of parties and events at work. They cover some common misconceptions about creating corporate culture and some key strategies for improving the culture where you work. When a company has a great culture it’s because the leadership team has decided to create one. They’re ready to put in the work it takes because they understand that the long term impact of their decision is efficient recruiting, decreased turnover, increased engagement and productivity and higher stock prices.

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The Business of Belief with Tom Asacker

This 15-minute, free coaching session with your favorite coach to the CEO’s, Jeff Smith, covers the insightful work of Tom Asacker in his new book, The Business of Belief. Tom and Jeff, along with their host, Kevin Scott, discuss the how our beliefs are so closely tied to our identity that it becomes hard to create change in the work place and in our lives.

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The Empowerment Dynamic with David Emerald

Jeff Smith covers the groundbreaking work of David Emerald. David and Jeff discuss the Dreaded Drama Triangle and how your work environment can find it’s antidote, The Empowerment Dynamic.

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