Business & Executive Coaching

Many are unsure what business coaching and executive coaching is really like. Some envision a sports coach running drills and outlining plays for the players. While yet others imagine a psychiatrist’s couch where every thought and action is analyzed. In actuality, business coaching is a unique type of mentoring.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as coaches partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

A normal coaching session can take place anywhere (in an office, at a coffee shop, or even on a casual run) and involves the coach and client working through issues and setting immediate and long-term goals. Coaching relationships vary in length but typically last between six to twelve months. The coach will help the client align their values with their vision and goals, while also helping them deal with practical leadership challenges like delivering difficult feedback to an employee or peer; learning how to manage more effectively; achieving better work-life balance, and leading change initiatives.

Based in Roanoke, VA, we serve local, national, and international business coaching and executive coaching clients.

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Strategic Planning Consulting

We've seen this simple equation proven time and time again, regardless of industry or business location: PEOPLE + PLANNING x ACCOUNTABILITY = RESULTS. That is why we offer both consulting and Voltage Leadership Academy courses on effective strategic planning.

Here is a sampling of our consulting options:

  • Full Day Facilitated Strategy Sessions
  • Half Day Facilitated Strategy Sessions
  • Short Term Strategic Consultations
  • Year Long Strategic Consultations (See Sample Below):
    1. Strategy Kick Off Strategy Session (Full Day)
    2. Quarterly Accountability Sessions (Half Day)
    3. Year End Assessment & Next Steps (Full Day)
    4. Midpoint and Year End Executive Review
    5. Monthly coaching of key leaders
    6. DISC and StrengthFinder Assessment of Participants

Of course, all consultations are custom-designed to meet your exact needs. Click here to learn even more about our strategic planning offerings!

Merger and Acquisition Consulting

Mergers and acquisitions are often large-scale, complicated ventures. Voltage Leadership Consulting has helped numerous companies navigate the merger and acquisition process as an objective sounding-board, providing strategic, proven methods to ensure a successful and smooth process. We create a customized alignment process which includes a culture assessment, organizational engagement, vision and values alignment, and a strategic implementation plan.

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Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Any leader realizes that people are a company's greatest resource. That is why we offer employee engagement surveys, talent assessments, employee development, mapping 360 Feedback and Development, and succession planning.

Ensuring the success of your new hires begins well before their first day on the job. Voltage Leadership specializes in quickly integrating newly hired employees into your organization by helping them set goals for their first 100 days, identifying the key stakeholders to their success, and learning how to navigate your culture.

We have also selected the very best library of assessment tools to help you achieve your goals more effectively. We have assessments that will help you and your team improve your communication, measure your employee engagement, highlight your leadership challenges, determine cultural problems, or help you with your time management.

Our team can help you select the right assessment tools for your needs, walk you through the assessment process, and even analyze the data to provide you with clear, concise feedback and action steps.

And more...

Voltage Leadership Consulting also offers consulting services for culture change, leadership assessment, change management, organizational design, leadership development (see our Voltage Leadership Academy courses), and creativity and innovation strategies.

Based in Roanoke, VA, Voltage Leadership Consulting has an international clientele of successful CEO's, senior executives, managers, and leaders seeking practical, applicable leadership and planning methods, techniques, training, and business coaching. We would love to partner with you too. Click here to get started!