Amp Up Your Leadership

Great leadership takes practice. Whether you just got promoted or have been managing your team for years, effective leaders continually hone their skills, gain new tools, and learn new tactics. Leaders constantly seek to increase their personal and inter-personal effectiveness.

This 4-month course is designed to develop your leadership mindset. Leaders design scalable systems and processes that help expand their companies, grow profitability, and lead others to peak performance.

How The Course is Delivered:

  • 3 Professional Leadership Assessments
  • A Total of 4 Interactive Group Sessions, With One Session Held Each Month at the Voltage Leadership Training Center (Totaling 16 Hours of Training)
  • 2 One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Access to Additional 15-Minute Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive Reinforcement of Course Content

Course Description:

The following tools, practices and modules are included in your Amp Up Your Leadership course:

  • Introduction to DISC
  • Motivators and Behaviors
  • Discovering your Preferred Work Cycle
  • Coaching Others to Peak Performance
  • Using Structural Tension
  • Effective Communication
  • Communicating Through Change
  • Navigating Tough Conversations
  • Discovering Your Leadership Super Powers
  • Designing Your Time
  • Delegating with Clarity & Commitment
  • The Art of Appreciation
  • Empowerment 101
  • Developing the Habits of Great Leaders
  • Brain Care: Burnout Avoidance Strategies
  • Leadership Manners: Dos & Don’ts

In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with our tools, practices, content, and one-on-one services, or you receive your money back.*

Our hope is that everyone who manages people becomes a great leader. But the reality is this: not every manager acts like a leader.

Leaders behave differently than managers, it is that simple. Managers rely on control, ask how and when, and administer the status quo. Leaders inspire trust, ask what and why, innovate, modify, and improve. Managers focus on systems and structures. Leaders focus on people and productivity.

When a manager becomes a leader great leaps in performance take place. Priorities change. Productivity takes a giant step forward. The whole team grows in its capacity.

This course provides a tool chest of practical, relevant practices that great leaders use to engage their teams. The assessments provided increase your self-awareness and guide you to discover your true leadership potential. Each module, tool, and practice builds on the other, creating the scaffolding to lift you to your next level of leadership.

* Must be requested within 30 days of completion of course.