Amp Up Your Strategy

We've seen this simple equation proven time and time again, regardless of industry or business location: PEOPLE + PLANNING x ACCOUNTABILITY = RESULTS. That is why we offer both consulting and Voltage Leadership Academy courses on effective strategic thinking.

Great leaders cast clear vision and work with key stakeholders to design a destination. Then the hard work begins: maintaining focus on the destination while continually seeking the next winning move, all while removing interference and coaching for peak performance. Strategy is not a once a year event. The best leaders daily engage in strategic thinking.

Academy Courses


The 13-month Amp Your Strategy is designed to equip leaders with strategic planning and thinking competencies that drive business success.

How The Course is Delivered:

  • 5 Quarterly Strategic Planning Training Modules (4 Hours Each)
  • 5 Executive Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Additional 15-Minute Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Interactive Reinforcement of Course Content

Course Description:

The following tools, practices and modules are available for Amp Up Your Strategy sessions:

  • Vision Clarification Essentials
  • Understanding Strategic Stakeholders
  • Developing Desired Outcomes
  • The Key to Key Performance Indicators
  • SWOTs that Drive Strategic Change
  • Stop, Start and Continue Assessments
  • Accountability & Quarterly Adjustments
  • Ensuring Client-Focused Culture
  • Principles of Year-End Strategy Analysis
  • Designing Winning Moves
  • SMART Targets
  • Business Improvement Assessments
  • Comprehensive Performance Assessments
  • Organization-Wide Performance Planning
  • Marketplace Assessments and Your Niche
  • Maintaining a Leading Edge: Thought Leaders and Gaining Global Perspective

In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction with our tools, practices, content, and one-on-one services, or you receive your money back.*

* Must be requested within 30 days of completion of course.



Our suite of strategy consultations offer you the right tools for the developmental stage of your organization and leadership team. Regardless of the engagement you request, we tailor our consultation to your specific industry, business needs, and current organizational structure.

Whether it is a full day Strategic Planning Facilitation, a half-day Strategic Planning Training Module, a customized Peak Performance Plan, or a comprehensive Succession Planning Consultation, we offer ongoing, interactive engagement tactics that keep you and your team focused on achieving your desired outcomes. We are able to facilitate significant conversations, help your team navigate complex decisions, and equip leadership teams to maintain clear perspective of the ever-changing internal and external business environments you lead.

Here is a sampling of our consulting options:

  • Full Day Facilitated Strategy Sessions
  • Half Day Facilitated Strategy Sessions
  • Short Term Strategic Consultations
  • Year Long Strategic Consultations (See Sample Below):
    1. Strategy Kick Off Strategy Session (Full Day)
    2. Quarterly Accountability Sessions (Half Day)
    3. Year End Assessment & Next Steps (Full Day)
    4. Midpoint and Year End Executive Review
    5. Monthly coaching of key leaders
    6. DISC and StrengthFinder Assessment of Participants

Of course, all consultations are custom-designed to meet your exact needs.