Episode 60: How to Harness the Transforming Power of Change

Amy Robertson's Headshot.jpg

In a disrupted world, what does effective change leadership look like today? How do you take the lessons learned from your change experiences and apply them quickly and effectively to the next change you lead? What do our teams and organizations need from us to successfully navigate change? And how do we manage our own mindset in the process? Join the conversation as Jennifer Owen-O’Quill welcome Amy Robertson to our show. Amy is in the midst of preparing her team for a significant regional merger. We will share stories, lessons learned, and challenges that are arising in her day right now. Bring your questions for this real-time conversation.

Amy Robertson serves as the Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing for the nation’s leading K-12 EdTech provider, PowerSchool. Since graduating Ferrum College, she has been finding herself as a woman in business and a leader. As defined by personality assessments and the stars, she’s a “Maximizer”, “Red”, and “Scorpio”, so the road to success has been “passionately” paved.