Episode 21: The Entrepreneur's Journey

jay markiewicz headshot.jpg

Have you ever thought of starting your own company? Are you already there and need some inspiration and motivation? Are you a leader in an organization that needs to think more entrepreneurial? Host Jeff Smith and Jay Markiewicz, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at Virginia Commonwealth University will be talking about their leadership journey and sharing lessons learned from their journey. They will also be sharing best practices from coaching, teaching and working with entrepreneurs. Jay will be sharing a model called the Entrepreneurship Journey during the show. Success in the entrepreneurship journey is driven by three domains; Human Story, Mindset, and Set of Activities. Where these three domains intersect is the entrepreneur's (Leader's) unique value contribution (UVC). The job of the entrepreneur (leader) is to navigate and align these domains in order to live their very own Unique Value Contribution (UVC). Please join on Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership.

Jay is an experienced facilitator, scholar, and speaker on a wide range of topics including personal development, entrepreneurship, and the fields of leadership and leadership development.  As the VCU Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, Jay teaches entrepreneurship, leads the program’s development activities and strategy, and is collaboratively establishing the grant funded Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy in Africa.  He is appointed to the Virginia Council for Youth Entrepreneurship charged with developing a culture of entrepreneurship for the Commonwealth of Virginia.                                            

Jay’s career background speaks to a wealth of diverse experience - a Navy Nuclear Power Officer, Corporate Fortune 100 leader, Executive Director of a Non-Profit, University Faculty, and as founder of small business and start-up ventures like Inner Competitor®.  He is credentialed as a leadership coach from Georgetown’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, and received a Masters in Business Administration from the Darla Moore School of Business.

His personal interests include fitness and family.  Jay passionately pursues the sport of triathlon and races for Team USA as a World Championship Qualifier.  Most important to Jay is family.  They are avid moviegoers, Steelers fanatics, and enjoy cell-phone-free dinners together.