Interactive Achievement

“One of the best things we did at Interactive Achievement was incorporate Jeff Smith and Voltage Leadership into our system. They have helped guide us through growth as a company and growth as individual/team leaders. Their service has been immeasurable to our success.”

Jonathan Hagmaier
CEO, Interactive Achievement, LLC

MB Contractors

“I have never been a believer in the power of positive thinking. Say what? Sure, I believe we need to remain as positive as possible as we face the day, however, I have never believed that thinking positive automatically leads to success as some may suggest. Voltage taught me to dig deeper, instead of waking up every day and blindly thinking positive thoughts, I made a small pivot and starting thinking about what challenges I was likely to face during the day and how I would react to and address them. I learned that is how a leader thinks!

Voltage programs “shifted” my thinking more to reality, not just chasing clichés. Do yourself a favor and power up your leadership with Voltage.”

Todd Morgan
President, MB Contractors

Colors On Parade

“The number of leadership skills I have attained through Voltage Leadership is immeasurable. It has transformed me from being a mother hen manager to a supportive, listening leader. In short, instead of telling them what I see needs to be done, now I listen to their thoughts and needs and help them find the solution that works for everyone. I have also learned to appreciate that we do not all have the same end result in mind and good communication is imperative to moving ahead.”

Rose James
Manager, Colors on Parade

Carilion Clinic

We engaged Voltage Leadership to work with the IT Senior Leadership team after an extensive redesign of how we deliver IT services to the organization.  My team indicated they felt their time with Voltage Leadership was well-spent and it made an impact on them both as a team and as leaders. The team has developed trust and candor and is learning to anticipate each other's needs to stay aligned.  Our overall pace and performance as an IT organization continues to increase.  The engagement exceeded my expectations and has been one of the best training and team development investments I’ve made.

Keith Perry Senior Vice President/CIO Carilion Clinic

Bath Community hospital

"Over the past 3 years, our organization has gone through multiple transitions in leadership. And with every new leader comes a different style of management. Along with so much change, comes resistance and fear from staff. 

We contracted with Voltage in hopes that we would be able to build a stronger, more cohesive management team to help move our organization forward. Lee and his team were able to provide tools and techniques for our leadership to handle culture changes and challenges as well as adopting an atmosphere holding all levels of the organization accountable. 

Voltage supplied our facility with team building techniques which helped our managers engage in important operations discussions and take ownership of their departments.  We’re thankful for the guidance and support that Voltage continues to offer our facility as we navigate through the many
challenges facing healthcare organizations today."   

Kathy S. Landreth                                         President/CEO Bath Community Hospital

Cleveland Clinic

“Jeff and I were asked to work together to deliver a 5-month program for physician and administrative leaders in the Middle East from over 15 countries who were working to open a hospital. The two of us had never worked together before, never been to the Middle East, and never delivered the content to be used before, so in addition to managing a spectrum of cultural norms, there were many opportunities for things to go sideways.

I’m happy to say that we “knocked it out of the park”; we found ways to deliver the content that were amenable to all participants, and Jeff’s monthly coaching of leaders in-between our virtual sessions were often cited as one of the most powerful components of our program.

His powers of observation (and then translation into non-judgmental, skillful coaching) are almost bionic. As an experienced, professional coach and facilitator, I felt extreme gratitude to have such a skilled partner; I learned from watching him work. Our program was such a success that they asked us to repeat it for a second group. Jeff is one of the first coaches that comes to mind when I’m asked for referrals, and I always feel 100% confident that his clients are getting an unbelievable return on investment.”

Cara Wilson – Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Cleveland Clinic

Polymer Solutions Incorporated

"Polymer Solutions Incorporated (PSI) is a materials science company with particular expertise in polymers. Our success as a company depends on our ability to partner with other experts and top-notch resources. When former CEO, Jim Rancourt PhD, went on a long overdue sabbatical, PSI faced a leadership transition and uncertainty for 7.5 weeks. 

Thanks to the executive coaching and support of both Jeff Smith and Jennifer Owen-O’Quill of Voltage Leadership, we thrived through the transition. Jim was able to walk away during that time and enjoy his well earned sabbatical. I was able to lead the PSI Team successfully during that time, ensuring the great science and collaborative team culture proceeded forward. 

I was also able to start moving the company toward unprecedented growth, while increasing leadership across the management team so that we developed healthy practices for the long haul. Leadership training through Jennifer Owen-O’Quill, has been a hallmark of this year’s Big Growth. On-site coaching, group training in management areas, and participation in strategic leadership cohorts have grown me as PSI’s new CEO and my team into better leaders. 

Our great science and great leadership (Thanks Voltage) are the ingredients toward even bigger growth next year! I can’t wait!"

Cynthia Rancourt
CEO, Polymer Solutions Incorporated