Up.  Down.  Up.  Down, down, down, down.  Up!  Wow, watching the stock market, the various economic indicators, has been dizzying lately.  What has this done for your outlook and perspective?

I have found it interesting to listen and study the various reactions of the talking heads.  I want the market to go up; our portfolio to increase and, most importantly, the value of our 529s to increase; but my ability to control this is extremely limited.  However, I am in control of my attitude.  I get up each morning and choose an attitude for the day.  I try to reflect on this word throughout the day.  I let this word be my influence and try to tune out the news of the day.

I have also found that a few minutes of planning each day helps to center my energy and make me less reactive.  I will meditate some mornings to get calmed down and then I decide where I want my focus to be for the upcoming day.  I have found that this gives me control of my desired outcomes for the day.

My question to you is:  what is it like to work with you?  Is it like the stock market – up, down, up, down…?  Your attitude and behaviors influence your team and co-workers.

·       What attitude and behaviors would they say you have?

·       Are you a role model of the behaviors you hope to see from others?

·       Do you create drama for your team by being reactive and in firefighting mode all day?

A great way to avoid drama is to pause and then ask yourself, “What would I like my response to be?”  You cannot control others’ actions, but you can control your responses.

In between action and response, there is space for a pause.  I think the more mature you become as a leader, the more cognizant you become of the pause space.  I also believe you have more tools at your service as you mature as a leader.  What possibilities do you see in the pause?  I try to get curious and wonder what caused the action that I am seeing.  I also access if I am really attached to the outcome and if I need to react.  I often find that, if I ask questions instead of reacting, there is a new set of possibilities.

My word for today was “curious”.  I have found myself asking more questions and really listening today.  What can you do to set the mood for your team?  What pause tools do you have that can serve you and your team more effectively?