A fresh new year is well underway as we continue driving for results in “Q2”.  Are things unfolding as you had planned during strategy sessions at the tail end 2016? If so, great and congratulations. If not, what actions should be taken and how should they be communicated?

In other words, how hard should leadership push for results and how should they go about it? This is a question that all leaders face at different times. The answer to it often determines how culturally engaged the workforce is.

·       Are leaders “pushing” on the right things?

·       Are these things fully understood before actions are taken?

·       Are the right actions being taken at the right time vs prematurely?

·       What are the leadership skills necessary to rally the troops during these trying times?

If you have been there, or are there now, you will want to explore the use of an excellent management tool we’ve developed called iPUSH to hit the finish line strong and move the needle.

The iPUSH Model:  Please answer these three preliminary questions

1.       What are you potentially struggling with that needs attention now?
2.      What are the right developmental goals to work on over the next 3-6 months?
3.      What are the best ways to interface with you as your Accountability Partner to move the needle?

Then cycle the responses to these questions thru iPUSH

              i PUSH stands for:

              i = Intention, succeeding with intentionality
              P = Problem(s) to resolve
              U = Understanding problems fully before acting
              S = Setting the right actions in motion at the right time
              H = Hitting the Finish Line strong

The goal here is to become an Accountability Partner, one who shares in the real work of ensuring the deliverable is met. In other words, the push-or is on the same Team as the Push-ee and they win together.

So, go ahead and PUSH, but make sure intentions are combined with integrity and that the Problems to resolve are fully Understood before Setting the right actions in motion at the right time, Hitting the finish line strong!

iPUSH, How about you…?