Executive Wanted! Retaining a Great Culture


The economy is rolling along with record high employment and record low unemployment. Along with growth comes the need for experienced leadership.

It is interesting that these areas were list as part of the core responsibilities:

a) Developing Culture,
b) Developing Talent and
c) Developing and Executing Strategy! 

As an onboarding coach, I have seen goals for growth rates that have not been present for many years. With so many getting after it at this pace, it becomes easier for leaders to lose focus on maintaining a winning Culture and letting it slide.

Be on the lookout for these warning signs and symptoms that your Culture may be sliding:

·        Executives becoming overly focused on their personal ‘to do’ list

·        Staff frustration over communication systems that don’t integrate

·        Staff frustration over lack of leadership influence for making things happen that
are important to the winning Culture.

Now is not the time to be tuning out things important to the workplace Culture. Check with HR for exit interviews. Revisit the most recent employee engagement data. Conduct your own anecdotal; executive engagement update by walking around. Don’t lose the positive things that differentiate your organization from just another place to work in an economy thirsty for people.

I think it’s a good time for revisiting the adage “Culture beats Strategy Every Time.”

How is your organization doing in these areas?

1.     Are star employees leaving for a better opportunity?

2.     Have High Potentials or succession candidates been adequately attended to?

3.    Are your people clear about goal, do they align with efforts, vision and strategic plan?

4.     What synergies between people, processes, and strategies can you name?

5.     What do we need to be doing differently?


The text below is excerpted from an actual Executive Want ad.


Executive Wanted!

Schedule: Full-time Job Type: Executive

Develops Culture by:

  • Developing an organizational culture that leads to ongoing excellence and effective growth of the business while maintaining the highest integrity.

  • Creating a staff-friendly culture that attracts and retains great employees.

  • Promoting an environment where employees are engaged and perform at a high level.

  • Providing for the highest level of customer experience and ensures senior team alignment around that experience.

  • Modeling and driving a culture of accountability and discipline to attain and sustain out-performance in quality, service excellence, and earnings.


Develops Talent by:

  • Building a competitively superior organization through attracting, developing, and retaining talent to ensure that people with the right skills and motivations are in the right place at the right time to meet business needs.

Develops and Executes Strategy by:

  • Developing a long-range course of action or set of goals to ensure successful realization of the organization’s vision.

  • Ensuring the development of clear goals that align a unit’s efforts with the organization’s vision and strategic plan.

  • Ensuring synergies between people, processes, and strategies to drive execution of business objectives.

  • Building and driving sustained revenue growth.

  • Building strategic alliances both inside and outside the organization to create business opportunities and execute business strategies.

I hope you have some new insights about your organization and the importance of maintaining a winning Culture Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

Lee Hubert is a Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and founder of iTrainManagerforSuccess affiliate of Voltage Leadership, with over 20 years of experience in human resources development in healthcare, technology, financial and energy sectors.