The speed with which we lead, the way we show up, and how we seize opportunities and conquer obstacles:  these three elements hold the key to our success.  Our pace, our presence and our plan will define our impact.

Our decisions around these three elements have tremendous consequences on the direction we travel and the destinations we reach in life.

Your pace is the speed with which you live and learn.  Our pace includes our mental speed, our emotional momentum, and our physical swiftness.

Your presence is the quality of your interactions with others and the character you carry with you whenever you show up.

Your plan is your roadmap of choices about what you do and don’t do.  It is a series of decisions of “Yes” and “No” and “I-don’t-know” that guide the content of your days.

The awareness you have about these three elements of your life, and the thoughtful intention you apply to each of these elements, will design your life.

With or without our awareness or intention, these three elements have already shaped both the reality of our lives and our reputations.  With or without our awareness or intention, these three elements have an impact on every person we will meet today.  With or without our awareness or intention, these three elements are allowing or impeding the very existence of our accomplishments and aspirations.


Our time is limited.  We have a beginning and an end.  And in the time we have to live, each person, young or old, rich or poor, energized or exhausted, has exactly 168 hours each week in which we can accomplish all we hope for in this life.

Not one of us gets more hours than the person next to us.  If we choose to be well rested, as the research indicates the most productive people are, then we have 112 hours in which to act.

That is all the time any of us have.

The pace we apply to those hours matters.  The speed with which we live and lead will determine how well we navigate our opportunities and obstacles.

The presence we bring when we show up, the quality of our characters, will impact and oftentimes determine the existence or obliteration on the relationships in our lives.

Our plan is essential because our yeses and noes and I don’t knows determine the quality and scope of our experience.

Here are some questions to consider as you look back over the first half of 2016:

·       At what pace are you living?

·       Is that pace serving you?

·       Does it allow you time to think?

·       Does it afford you enough space that you keep your commitments and execute your work well?

·       If not, what pace would better serve you, and how can you go about increasing or decreasing your speed so that your momentum gets you where you want to go.