intense learning

What Are You Doing To Grow?


I was thinking about college graduation recently. The grads are closing a chapter of immense growth and entering another period of tremendous learning whether that is a job, grad school, the military, etc. However, after a couple of years, many of them settle into a routine. For some, it may even grow into a rut. They are the ones that dread Monday, celebrate Hump Day, and dance to work on Friday. They live for the weekends, when they come alive.

What about you? When was the last time you were in a period of intense learning? Some of my times were

               Leading a large call center outside of headquarters

               1st baby

               Grad school

               Coaching program

               Traveling to the UAE to teach serving leaders

               Starting my own company

               Sending first kid off to college

What I notice about all of these periods, is that there was some apprehension before entering each phase. For some, it was tempting to maintain the status quo. It was not always fun to be in the 1st year of marriage, working full-time and going to grad school full- time (Thanks for putting up with me Beth). However, the learning reshaped my world view. It also gave me opportunities to grow that I still benefit from to this day.

What is keeping you from learning? Time? Yep, that can be a factor. However, what are you giving up in the future by not investing in yourself now. Do not know the path? Great call us, another coach, a pastor, a great friend and go have a coffee and dream together. This person will help you share a path. Nervous about trying something new? We all suffer from this. Take comfort in knowing growth comes when we move out of our comfort zone. Your coach, friends, etc. can help you with your confidence. I am sure there are more things but I think you get my point. Go out and try something new and maybe find a recent college grad to mentor and see what they can teach you about learning!