Look Back To Move Forward`

Want to start something new?  Make progress on a project?  Develop a different approach to something?

We often come to the beginning of the year with great intentions of starting with a clean slate and re-organizing our lives into some fresh version of perfection.

I want to encourage you to start in a different place this year:  before looking ahead, look back.

Look back over the last year and notice the progress you have made.

·        How far have you come?

·        Where did you begin 2017, and where are you ending it?

·        What new things have you learned?

·        What projects and people have you led and what was the outcome?

I find that when people add the “Review” phase to their planning process, they end up with a more accurate picture of what is possible.

Here are 4 questions to take into your Review Process:

1.      Where did I start last year, and where am I today?

                      In my relationships?  My work?  My personal growth?

2.      What contributed to my successes?

3.      What obstructed my progress on the things I wanted to accomplish?

4.      Based on what I have accomplished, what can I realistically expect to accomplish in 2018?

With these pieces of information, you can step back and reflect on how you handle, plan and prepare for change, and decide what needs to be done differently in the coming year as you approach a new set of Desired Outcomes.

What I like about this process is that we can see clearly that we are capable of change.  We can also get a grasp on our approach to change.  Is there something about the way we approach a new challenge that we could shift in order to get a better outcome in the future?  We notice how we get in our own way.  More importantly, we notice how much we have accomplished.

The next thing to do is celebrate your successes!

Yes, really!  Celebrate!

Take a moment, sit back and smile.  You moved through a lot of complex problems.  You learned a slew of new things.  You handled a number of unexpected obstacles successfully.  You arrive at this New Year with a new set of skills and talents.

Cement the things you learned by writing them down.

This is your “What I learned and accomplished in 2017” list.

Take a moment to savor your success.  You deserve to begin your New Year from a place of strength and achievement, and a sense of possibility ahead.