These Steps Map Your Future Fulfillment. Are You Ready to Take Them?


In my recent blog article, Look Back to Move Forward, I encouraged a Review Process of the previous year before sitting down to reflect on the changes to make in 2018.  The review allows our vision to be tethered to reality, while simultaneously harnessing the energy of success.

Then, with clear eyes and a sense of accomplishment, we can look ahead to the coming year.  

With a clear picture of the change that has already taken place in our lives, we begin our thinking about the coming year with a sense of possibility:

I achieved.

I learned.

I am ready to do something new.

Something more…

You are ready for your Future Fulfillment Questions.  Here we begin to Imagine:

1.      What do I want to accomplish in 2018?

2.      What do I want to learn?

3.      What do I want to achieve?

4.      What new approach do I want to explore?

Jot all these ideas down.  Then go back and look at what was possible last year.

With that as your reality check, plan and prioritize.  Ask:

·        What can I really commit to accomplishing?

·        What habit could I add to my day that will best contribute to accomplishing my priorities?

·        What habit could I erase that will best contribute to accomplishing my priorities?

Now you are ready to Commit.

All you need now is a Habit App, and you are ready to go.

HabitBull, Productive, Strides and Habitica are just a few of the free apps that can help you make progress on a productive, rewarding 2018.

Cheers to your success as we ring out one year and ring in the new!